PRESS Massage in Williamsburg is a Woman-Owned Business, with a diverse network of stellar independent New York State licensed therapists, certified in prenatal massage.

Massage Williamsburg is a Woman-Owned Business, with a diverse network of stellar independent New York State licensed therapists, certified in prenatal massage.  We are proud to be part of the PRESS Modern Massage Group. Our motto is to Help and Heal, and we bring this to the greater community via regular social responsibility, partnering with non-profits for volunteer work that shares our values.
We believe in MASSAGE FOR ALL (orientations, genders, skin colors, body types), and invite everyone seeking pain-relief to experience our vision. Welcome home!

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Our sessions are tailored to your unique needs. 

The independent professional massage therapists in our network are Pain Relief Specialists. Our sessions are tailored to your needs by each therapist, and designed to treat areas of tension and discomfort.

We ask our clients to provide us with a health intake form, so we can understand and address your needs. Please tell your therapist what areas are bothering you, so they can focus on helping you feel better!

Advanced technique.

There's no extra charge for advanced massage techniques like Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Therapy.

We don't skimp on time.

Our network of Licensed Massage Therapists offer full 60 or 90 minute sessions, so you can relax into a full hour of hands-on time. 


Massage Williamsburg treatment rooms were built especially for you. 

Our rooms come equipped with soft flannel sheets, a table warmer that can be adjusted to your comfort, both scented and unscented massage oil of your choosing, a lavender eye pillow, lots of blankets, bolsters and pillows for your comfort. We offer soft music and dim lighting to create a quiet, peaceful ambiance for you to enjoy while you unwind.





Rachel Beider is the proud owner of Massage Williamsburg. 

Rachel started the clinical practice in 2008 with the intention of combining a medically based massage practice with the relaxing environment of a healing space. Her motto is “Delicious Pain, Not Scary Pain”. She first studied massage in Thailand on a trip through India and Southeast Asia, becoming certified in Thai Massage at the WatPo School in Bangkok. She graduated from the Swedish Institute, and became Licensed as a Massage Therapist in NY. Rachel is certified in Aromatherpy, Prenatal Massage, and has taken the ALACE training to become a Professional Doula. Rachel enjoys teaching workshops and speaking at wellness events. She also volunteered weekly at Friends in Deed, providing compassionate and supportive massage to clients facing terminal illness, and regularly volunteers with NY Cares. She is a member of the AMTA, sits on the Board of Pacific College, and sits on the committee at Swedish Institute. 



Opportunities at Massage Williamsburg

Would you like to join our network of highly skilled licensed massage therapists? If you are talented, hardworking, knowledgeable and NY State Licensed, contact us at Contact (@)