Woke up this morning in the worst pain..

Something about the combination of falling asleep in an odd position, coupled with the air conditioning on all night, provided me with the most intense and annoying neck spasm upon waking this morning. I must have been sleeping with my shoulders up near my ears, because I found myself cringing when I lifted my neck from the pillow. Knowing my anatomy only intensifies the ache: before massage school, it was a painful but vague shoulder cramp. Now, having been educated on every muscle and tendon and bone, I realize that it's a combination of a precise point between levator scapula and middle trapezius, and I swear I feel it more acutely!

These are the kinds of days that I feel incredibly lucky to own a massage business, and to be working with awesome, skilled therapists. I scheduled an appointment for myself today, and cannot wait for the sweet relief and knowing that I will feel better. Massage to the rescue!

- Rachel Beider, LMT