Why I Got Eight Massages in Two Weeks!

An ode to my beloved clients.: I know, eight sessions seems like a lot, right? You may ask, why? The answer is of course, for you, my amazing, dearest and wonderful clients. Your happiness and enjoyment is why I received eight massages in these last 2 weeks. This may sound to some, like heaven, but I can tell you that the process of hiring new therapists is a surprisingly stressful one, as the case may be. I have felt eight unique therapist's work this month, to be able to bring you the absolute best of the best. I would never bring in a new therapist without going through a fairly intense screening process, and as any LMT working for Massage Williamsburg will tell you, I'm one tough critic when it comes to massage.

To give some perspective, imagine for a moment that you are a chef, and you own your own restaurant. Whenever you hire a new chef, you must taste their cooking to experience their skills. Imagine eating a few awesome meals, but also experiencing some bland and uninspired ones, and the occasional food poisoning! Interviewing is definitely, for the most part, a wonderful experience, but one that I must go into with a truly open mind. I have felt some absolutely skilled hands this month, as well as a few downright disappointing sessions, and even work that was quite abrasive and harmful! I not only want to protect my clients from harm, but I also want to give them the best massage experience that they have ever had. In my mind, there is nothing worse than paying for a bad massage!

I hope that you love seeing some new faces around the office, and can promise you that their work is truly wonderful! (ps, we are hiring on therapists because the business is expanding! Not to worry, your favorite therapists are still here!) We can't wait to see you here for your next session. As for me, I am sticking to just giving massages, not receiving them, for a couple of weeks.

- Rachel Beider, LMT