We Signed a New Lease!

Dear Wonderful and Loyal Clients: Our Three Year lease at 169 Wythe Ave has come to an end. With rents increasing in our small neighborhood every year, I had been concerned about the state of our practice and office, as our rent has also increased every year. I am so grateful, relieved, and overjoyed to let you know that we will be staying on another year at our massage studio, having just signed a new lease! I want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement, and for sending us so many referrals and kind reviews.  I am so happy that we welcomed in 1,500 new clients this year, and that our team of LMTs has expanded to 14 Therapists! As our practice has grown in the worst economic times from 10 clients to over 3,000 clients, I feel an overwhelmed with a sense of community, and so thankful for the abundance of work that the neighborhood has provided.  Thank you again, and if you know anyone who could benefit from a massage, please send them our way!


Rachel Beider