Thoughts on the Massage Business: Weathering the Seasons

With summer weather happening more frequently, I find myself with more time for walks, and for sitting in the park after work, enjoying the air. Truth be told, summer is one of the slowest times in the massage business, and I am really grateful that we are still seeing lots of clients, both new and familiar faces. I am learning so much from running my own business, and a part of that is celebrating the small successes and everyday joys. A kind gesture, a relaxed smile on someone's face after they've had an awesome session, the occasional big hug that people can't help but give after feeling relieved from stress and pain. I feel so fortunate, and regularly validated - massage is one of the most rewarding professions there is. I know I've said it before, but how awesome that we get to be the best part of someone's day, on a regular basis. I'm also learning that in times when business is slower, it's ok to take longer walks, to relax and enjoy a yoga class, to cook a meal for the simple pleasure of cooking. I am learning to enjoy the ups and downs, slower times and busier times, and have faith in the abundance that this profession has to offer.

- Rachel Beider, LMT, Proud Owner of Massage Williamsburg