Temperature Check: Nearly 90 Degrees!

We're hearing this message a lot: Drink water. Stay hydrated.
There's a lot of fuss about the importance of drinking water, and the message seems even more prevalent in the summer when temperatures soar.
1. Carry a water bottle with you. Make it fun! Choose a water bottle that suits your style and keep it with you. It'll remind you to drink and keep you from wasting money on water in plastic bottles--and, it's better for the planet.
2. Add a little flavor. Try adding mint leaves, lemon or lime slices, cucumber, or even blueberries or raspberries to your water. Here's how to make easy fruit and veggie infused water in mason jars.
3. Get hydrated with food. Fruits and vegetables are composed of 90% water. Try to eat some hydration-friendly snacks, like watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, and apples.
4. Drink seltzer. This bubbly drink can add some variety to your water routine, and there are so many flavors to try! Peach, lime, raspberry, grape fruit..... mmm!
5. Make it something to look forward to. Been sitting at your desk too long? Get up to stretch your legs and refill your water bottle. Take a break by getting your eyes off your computer and mindfully enjoying a glass of water.
6. Start your day with a glass of water. Think about it-- you've been sleeping all night, maybe for 8 hours, and you haven't hydrated. Your body wants water in the morning! Making your morning glass of water a daily ritual will help incorporate water into your every day life.
Post by: Kelly Shetron