Summer Playlist, Music You'll Hear at Massage Williamsburg

Hey Massage Therapists: How great do you feel when you're listening to good music? Why not play it for your clients!? Here are our top suggestions for mellow summer tunes, ala Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  





1. Beach House - "Real Love"

2. The Black Atlantic - "Fragile Meadow"

3. Low Anthem - "Charlie Darwin"

4. Tom Brosseau - "Blue Part of the Windshield"

5. Little Joy - "Don't Watch Me Dancing"

6. Sharon Van Etten - "For You"

7. King Creosote - "Bubble"

8. Jolie Holland - "Nothing to Do But Dream"

9. The National - "So Far Around the Bend"

10. Kings of Convenience - "Homesick"

ps - If you are actually IN any of these bands, I love your music, and want to give you a massage! xo - Rachel