Recent Client Reviews

"I've had 5 or 6 massages here in the last two years. I won't go anywhere else now. The studio itself is clean and calm and relaxing. I'm an athletic, active guy who regularly competes in endurance races, so I'm sore/injured often, and always feel so much better after leaving here. It's my go-to spot after a triathlon or bike century or whatever. I always go to Emily - she knows how to treat athletic injuries and is really good at tackling whatever it is that's bothering me. Very grateful that a legit place like this exists." - Google Reviews "I went in for a painful pinched nerve in my neck. Bob gently worked on it and next day the pain was completely gone. Bob is a miracle worker." - Yelp

"I've had some of the best massages of my entire life at Massage Williamsburg. Robert is simply a magician with his hands and the space is tranquil, super clean, and perfect for a massage. I love the experience of going every single time! Highly recommended." - Google Reviews

"Best massage ever!  Amey was outstanding. I had about 6 months of work stress tightening my spine and began feeling more relaxed from the moment I walked in. The environment at Massage Williamburg is very chill yet professional. Amey is simply a master of technique. She used just the right amount pressure and was very attentive. I left there completely blissed out, with much happier vertebrae. Highly recommended!" - Yelp

"I went there with back and neck pain. My boyfriend googled the place and made an appointment. what can I say!! it is a life changing experience. One morning I woke up with such a back pain that i ended up going to Beth Israel emergency center. The doctor gave me a pain killer and referred me to do some check up, MRI, test and about $3k bill. in my mind screw that... went to this place. my massage therapist's name is Robert. I exactly told him what was my problem and what needs to be done. He worked on every single nerve and muscles to remove the pain over the time. I am living pain free now. The front desk lady "Ellen" is very sweet. Robert is a Very smart and he knows what he is doing. I work out a lot to stay fit which requires massage my muscle to heal. so far it is working out Great for me. I can see myself going there for a long time ." - Google Reviews