Recent Client Reviews: "Hell Yes! I Feel Amazing!"

"I've had 5 or 6 massages here in the last two years. I won't go anywhere else now. The studio itself is clean and calm and relaxing. I'm an athletic, active guy who regularly competes in endurance races, so I'm sore/injured often, and always feel so much better after leaving here. It's my go-to spot after a triathlon or bike century or whatever. I always go to Emily - she knows how to treat athletic injuries and is really good at tackling whatever it is that's bothering me. Very grateful that a legit place like this exists." "I went in for a painful pinched nerve in my neck. Bob gently worked on it and next day the pain was completely gone. Bob is a miracle worker."

"I've had some of the best massages of my entire life at Massage Williamsburg. Robert is simply a magician with his hands and the space is tranquil, super clean, and perfect for a massage. I love the experience of going every single time! Highly recommended."

"I got a gift card for here last christmas from my ex. I finally decided to make use of it, and got a 90 minute massage. I was having a bad day - a slew of bad dates and a stressful week at work left me feeling pretty jacked up. My shoulders were seriously in knots, my head was pounding. My masseuse asked me what was bothering me and went to town on my shoulders. I probably scared the people trying to relax in the room next to me - I was moaning so loudly. She found every single knot and totally worked it out. Hell yes! I feel amazing. I will be going back here soon."

"Go see Ted! For real. I usually have issues with masseuses not applying enough pressure to my sore spots. This was definitely not the case with Ted. He is very skilled and knew his way around my (very abused) body. I highly recommend. And bonus, after the session he gave me exercises/stretches to help with my recurring pain (I am a long-distance runner). They have been very effective!"

"Massage Williamsburg is as good as it gets! Everyone I've ever spoken to there is professional, courteous and helpful. My job is very active (furniture making/welding) and I'm often doing heavy lifting or am hunched in the same position for hours. I've been seeing Nicole for about a year for my back/shoulders and everytime I leave feeling good as new! I've also been getting migraines for over ten years. I've tried getting glasses, prescription medicines, etc. I told Nicole about this about six months ago and she gave me a few stretches to do for my neck and jaw. I haven't had a migraine or taken Advil for a headache since! Nicole is a true miracle worker! I can't recommend her and Massage Williamsburg enough!"


Thank you, we feel the love!


Rachel Beider and the Entire Massage Williamsburg Family