Local Holiday Gifts

Each year, I feel like I struggle with those certain people in my friend and family group: the ones who are too hard to shop for. You probably know the types: a friend who only has the quirkiest of tastes, another who doesn't appreciate materialism, and another who would be happy with any sort of gesture: from a box of candy to an Itunes gift card. It seems as though in-laws or parents of significant others' are always especially tricky: we don't want to overbuy and seem too eager, but we also don't want to come off as too thrifty. Gift-giving can be so intimate and of course we want to make exchanges personal and special--often, gifts are like tangible feelings! So (besides a massage certificate!) what is a lovingly unconventional way to to give a gift this year? Local to Williamsburg is Artist Sharon Goldberg's With Roots, living creations including gorgeous Jewelry, tiny terrariums, and ornaments.

Also nearby is the Artist, Designer & Vintage Market, which is associated with Artists and Fleas. Established on North 6th street in 2003, this part-showing, part-alt-retail space has housed varied and various vendors, ranging from designers, collectors and artists. The vibes are artistic and dynamic, with different offerings of vintage, handmade and indie goods--a great fit for anyone fussy (Or Grinchy...) in your friend or family circle. The market had a spinning DJ every week and also gives you the chance to meet the artist you're buying from.

The list of artists is ever-growing, with even more being offered during the holiday season, but one of my favorite vendors for clothing for men and women is House of Reboot, which hosts a effortless glam-casual hoodies, sweaters and dresses. Know anyone wild about jewelry? SparkleFarm is terrific: wholly adorable and affordable. For the homebody in your circle, consider the housewares from Evolving Habitat, which are totally attractive and spunky designs.

The vendors are constantly expanding in product and number, and you're able to decide on your own favorites Saturdays or Sundays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m on North Seventh. Limited holidays showings are also available at the Chelsea Market, located on the northeast corner of 15th and 10th, December 16-December 31, from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. This pop-up event is closed December 25 and has limited hours on the 24th--see artistsandfleas.com for full, fabulous details.