Latest Reviews of Massage Williamsburg

Here are some of our recent reviews from clients like you.  We sure feel loved! "As a professional dancer, yoga teacher, and massage therapist myself, I feel I have pretty high expectations when it comes to bodywork.  She has excellent technique and takes great care in paying attention to what the body needs.  Her pressure is rock solid. She listens to when you need more and knows when to ease up. Make the request people! You will not be disappointed." 4-17-2011

"Outstanding. The massage was tailored to my personal needs. She was very professional and thorough and listened to my feedback. She also provided feedback to me after the massage about how I can take care of some issues between sessions." 4-18-2011

"One of the best massages I've had. I had a moderate kink in my neck and he worked it almost completely out. The massage alleviated my neck cramp almost completely, was relaxing and just felt like it was being done with complete professional competence.  I would recommend Massage Williamsburg with confidence to any one who needs a little body work done or simply wants to relax." 4-20-2011

"A fantastic, very personalized 90-minute massage, explaining the whole way through what he was doing, and why. Not only did I feel the knots and tension in my muscles melt away, once he was done, het took the time to go over some exercises I can do on my own to relieve my always-tense upper back, shoulders, and neck area.."  5-28-2011

"I nearly didn't write a review, because I want to keep this place to myself... After reading some reviews on yelp, thought I would give them a try. This place is the real deal! In the last month I have come here once a week, and seen 3 different people, all super nice and very attentive. It is not a fancy place - no waterfalls, etc, but it is clean and welcoming. They always let me know which masseuse I am going to see, and scheduling an appointment with their receptionist was a breeze." 6-4-2011

"The girls may look small (I met the owner - she is tiny) but boy are they strong! They all worked on areas that were bothering me specifically, and I like that you can skip over some spots, like legs, in favor of doing my neck and back, which needs extra work. I sit at a desk all day, and my body is a wreck from the 9-5 lifestyle. The massages here are the absolute best I have ever had..  I will be back again!" 6-4-2011