Client Reviews of Massage Williamsburg

"Nothing but an A+ experience here! Serene, quiet, clean, and overall very relaxing and accommodating environment. As an athletic individual, I am constantly working new muscles leaving me with a sore body- my visit here turned this around! The masseuse worked out all my knots and was highly professional. Not a "cheap" place, but not expensive, either- you get what you pay for. I will definitely be back next week!" - Leah "Very relaxing, very professional, very enjoyable. I left this place in a complete daze because I was so relaxed. I felt like a zombie & it was a good thing. I'll be back" - Louis

"So amazing.  It had been years since my last massage, and boy did I need one!   Even though I had a gift certificate, it was will worth it.  I will return.  Price is incredibly worth it, which is so hard to find in this city.  If you let Robert do his thing, he will rub out every back/neck knot you ever had.  Breathe deep and let him do his thing." - Jessica G

"I am so happy to find such a great spot for massages in Williamsburg!  After two amazing 90-minute sessions with Amanda, I am now a devoted follower and bought a 10-session package.  I've had many massages from many different therapists, but Amanda is the best therapist I've ever experienced!  Her strong hands not only execute flawless technique, but also a singular focus of energy and intuition directed at all the right places with the right amount of pressure.  I'm sure the other therapists are just as good, but since I clicked right away with Amanda, I'll stick with her!  The location is in the basement floor of a building - I was a little worried about the cleanliness and atmosphere at first, but they really created a calm and clean sanctuary for clients.  I hear they are expanding and adding another room for massages, which is great since I'm glad that a lot of people are finding their way to this fabulous massage spa in Williamsburg!" - Virginia

"My Body Says Thanks. A one hour massage completely erased the pain built up by two years of standing on my feet all day. The masseuse personalized the massage to my needs and my liking, informing me of the reasons I had been experiencing such back irritation. At the end she taught me stretches that help to eliminate such pain. My first massage in years makes me wonder why I don't get them more often."

"I've seen several therapists here over the years - most recently Jen and Allison - and every time it's been a great experience. I tend to have chronic headaches and upper back pain and both have improved significantly since I've been going here regularly.  Quiet, clean, easy to make appointments, generally wonderful. I've moved out of Williamsburg, but I'll go here for massages as long as I'm in NYC."

"Thank you Emily, that was unbelievable. I have been getting massages in Flushing Chinatown for years and congratulating myself on paying half price. WHAT A DONKEY I AM. This facility and masseuse are worth 100 times what I was paying for before. The rooms are very clean (a bit nondescript and office-y outside but inside your room the vibe is perfectly relaxing), the tables are extremely comfortable and heated, the oils are minimally oily, the music is tasteful, and my masseuse, Emily, was expert, strong, and completely attuned to my body and how far she could push it while working out a ridiculous amount of built up stress. My wife's masseuse, Katherine, made an equal impression on her and we would highly recommend both of them. I sit here a few hours later still feeling completely loose and nearly pain free. There is some returning pain in my hip which I think is injury related and which Emily only had a chance to work on for a few minutes. She completely fixed it for about 30 minutes anyway and based on the ridiculous knot she worked out of my right shoulder blade, I am a believer that next session she can spend more time on my hip and get it to 100%. The suggested stretches we were each given were very welcome also. So in sum, well, well worth the money. This is going to be our new bi-weekly ritual. I wish I could afford to go more often and get longer massages. Emily, I can't wait to see you again!"