By Donation Yoga at Greenpoint Coworking

A little bird told me that Greenpoint Coworking, a community work space on North Henry and Norman, is now offering by donation Yoga classes at their office. GPCW is the brainchild of Sara Bacon, the creative director of Command C, a web and graphic designer in the neighborhood. "We believe that when we take care of ourselves–spiritually, mentally and physically–we place ourselves in the ideal position to do the best work. Our yoga classes that are specifically designed for working people. Classes are held before and after normal work hours, and are geared toward preparing for and undoing the damage that’s done when sitting at a computer or standing all day. All teachers are certified yoga instructors. Classes are donation-based and open to anyone in the community."

Well done, Greenpoint Coworking, for recognizing the needs of yoga in the workplace! I will definitely be dropping by for some Vinyasa this week!