A Recent Letter We Received

One of our clients sent us this letter about her experience with Alison: "Hello!  I hope this isn't a weird request, but I was hoping that you could pass a message to Alison.  I had regular prenatal massage sessions with Alison throughout my pregnancy, and they were amazingly helpful.  I had been planning on having one last prenatal massage before my due date, in late August, but I ended up having the baby almost a month early!  As a result, I never got a chance to thank Alison for her help throughout the pregnancy--I had a very easy time of it, physically, and I really do think that the massage sessions were a big part of keeping myself healthy and grounded.  I'll be coming back for massages again as soon as the household budget can support it.  Thanks!"

Here's Alison:

Alison is a Swedish Institute graduate, who first discovered massage through theater. Massage was a necessary part of warm up for certain classes, and it was in those classes at NYU that she realized massage was something she could do.  After acquiring a BFA from NYU Alison enrolled in the Swedish Institute and has been in love with the healing arts ever since.  Since graduating from school, she has worked in numerous locations, including fitness centers, chiropractors’ offices and the exclusive Gansevoort Hotel Spa.  Alison is also certified in prenatal massage therapy.  She is now bringing her love of massage, healthcare and service to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.