10 Songs You'll Hear at MW, and One that you Won't!

Clients are always asking us to publish a playlist of recent music (we are a fan of highlighting local indie bands, and playing some pretty rad music, etc). Here are Rachel's top 10 so far for February. Come by the office for a massage and hear them in person! 1. Eddie Vedder: Longing to Belong  I can't believe that Vedder made a ukelele album. It's absolutely gorgeous!

2. Cat Power: Where is My Love Chan Marshall's haunting voice over beautiful piano.

3. Sharon Van Etten: For You Sharon is a LOCAL musician who I can't get enough of. This is one of my favorites!

4. The Black Atlantic: Fragile Meadow The entire album was made for massage, seriously! Relaxing, beautiful music!

5. Ha Ha Tonka: So Quiet They're Loud Sweet guys from the south, who recently played a show in Brooklyn! Give em a listen.

6. Horse Feathers: Thistled Spring A fantastic song, strings and piano make me so happy!

7. Little Joy: Don't Watch Me Dancing This one's a little different, but I'm going with it. As Robert says "no more bummer songs!"

8. King Creosote: Bubble His voice is incredible, and its nice to have a little electronicly influenced music here and there to break up all this slow piano.

9. The Rachels: Wally, Egon, and Models in the Studio Again, another complete record that is IDEAL for massage. This instrumental will blow your mind!

10. Dawes: Take Me Out of The City I am a sucker for the harmony. So good!

Aaaand Last but not Least, I can't stop listening to JAMIE X the moment I leave the office. It's too loud and fun to play while getting a relaxing massage, but I love it as a pick-me-up after a long day of work! Enjoy the steel drums: Far / Nearer