Reviews: Massage Tools for Pain Relief

The reviews are in! While getting hands-on work is always best, when your therapist isn't available, turn to these massage tools:

#1 Choice for Neck Pain: Massage Blocks 

These are serious tools for deep trigger point relief. I'm especially fond of the soft textured yet firm round shape of the Neck Kit for tension headaches and suboccipital pain. I've also used the larger block in the kit for releasing my glutes and piriformis, and the smaller massage block for my lower back. This is a must have for self-care tools.

#1  Choice for Shoulder Pain: Trigger Point Cane

LiBa Back and Neck Massager Tool is more advanced than the Thera Cane, and at a nicer price point. This is the perfect tool to reach the Levator Scapulae muscle and hit that hard to reach sore spot between the shoulder blade and spine. We keep this tool at our massage studio to demonstrate to clients how to use it. Excellent for in-home self massage.

#1 Choice for Knee and Hip Pain: Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

We love the TriggerPoint Grid foam roller for working on tight hamstrings, IT Bands, tense quads, and tight glutes. This foam roller is an amazing tool in preventing knee pain in runners when used regularly. It also provides a deep and firm stretch for piriformis, which is the muscle in your hip which can often cause pain and sciatica. Try to relax while rolling over it - tensing up against it won't benefit as much.

#1 Choice for Tension Headaches and TMJ Relief: T-Spheres

T-Spheres are an intensely satisfying combination between aromatherapy and massager spheres that can be cooled or heated to your comfort. I am especially fond of the lavender T-Spheres to soothe headaches and ease TMJ discomfort. They come in a portable bag, and the spheres are infused with aromatherapy oils. They also provide a refiller oil.


#1 Choice for Forearm and Wrist Pain: Roleo Massager

The Roleo Massager gives deep work to tired forearms and sore wrists. It's an excellent addition to your work desk - we have several at my massage studio for the therapists to use between clients. Excellent for people suffering from carpal tunnel or wrist pain from desk work and computer work. The amount of pressure can be changed easily to adjust to what you need, and the two soft ridges at the top create just the right about of pressure - like a deep tissue massage would.