Anti-Slouch Yoga Strap Trick

Do you sit at a desk for long periods of time? Long drives or commutes putting you back in a chair? These situations can cause a myriad of effects on the body including neck and back pain, overused muscles, and even inefficient breathing. 

The mind, body, and emotions are all affected by our posture. There are numerous studies that show how our posture affects our lives in the professional and personal space of being. It can even be narrowed down to the friends, jobs, and relationships you may be experiencing. 

We seek support with holistic practices like yoga and massage to help alleviate these ailments and create our most efficient breath and enhance the experience of being in our bodies. This is a simple trick with the assistance of a Yoga Strap that will help you fit right into your perfect posture.

By Andrew Abel


Step A:

Take a long cloth yoga strap and wrap it around your bra line (gents, this is roughly at the base tip of your shoulder blades) and pull the extra length evenly in front of you.

Step B:

Throw the ends of the straps over each shoulder like overalls. The excess strap will dangle behind you like hair falling down your back.

Step C:

Grab the straps and criss-cross them to create an X shape on your back. Reach back and gently tug both sides of the strap down and away from each other until you feel your shoulder heads roll back and your lower trapezius release.

Step D:

Bring the excess length back around to the front where you can buckle it at your breastbone (or under your pecs). Tighten until it feels comfortable and open. Make sure you don’t tighten it so much to create discomfort!

A special thanks to Yoga Journal's Kathryn Budig for her informative short article and complementary photo.