Our Latest Client Reviews are Making Us Smile

Our clients have been leaving the sweetest, happiest reviews about us on Google and Yelp. We are so appreciative! When our clients are happy, we're happy. Here are a few of our favorites:

"I have had a few massages in the past but none compares to the massage I received a few days ago from Adam at Massage Williamsburg. The place was clean and cozy and Adam made sure I was comfortable at all times. What amazed me was he was able to find the places that were most painful to me without me telling him anything. I could tell immediately he really knew what he was doing and that I was in good hands. He worked hard on my entire body I left feeling a little achy but today I feel better than I have in months! He even gave a few suggests for me to practice at home which I highly appreciated. I have nothing bad to say about my experience at Massage Williamsburg. Good work guys !"

"Amazing! I'll be going back."

"I had a headache for a week that I knew was caused by shoulder and neck tension. After all the Advil in the world, I caved and called Massage Williamsburg. I was so relieved they had an opening for me that afternoon. I saw Dawn and she was incredible. I told her what was wrong with me and she gave me the most therapeutic massage I've ever had. She spent an hour intensely working on my shoulders and neck and I left headache free and feeling so much better today. I'm so thankful to know help is nearby if I find myself in this situation again (which inevitably I will)."

"I have had a few massages, each time with a different therapist and they have all been outstanding.  Also, the front desk folks are professional and helpful.  Can't wait to go back this week!"

"I had an hour-long session with Olivia and it was the best massage I've ever had. She was strong and intuitive. She gave careful attention to all areas of the body and focused specifically on the areas where I hold stress. Fantastic, relaxing experience."

"Been here multiple times and hot damn! They know what they're doing! I had a miserable torn muscle in my back that they soothed over and helped fix. Can't recommend this place strongly enough. It's GREAT."

"A lovely hidden escape located in williamsburg! I went for a deep tissue massage and it was just what I needed. The entire atmosphere relaxing! I cannot wait for my next massage."

"Amazing massages. I've been going for the past two years. Lori is intuitive and constantly adjusts according to where I'm tense. She is kind and clearly skilled as a professional. She's also provided me with helpful stretches after the massage which have proven very helpful."

"I LOVE this place. I have had several massages here and have left feeling like a million bucks every time. The staff are professional, friendly, and always responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend them."