Our Clients LOVE US! Latest Reviews:

"Well...that was the best massage I've ever had. Richard is basically magical. Great staff. Great talent. Highly recommend."

"Total game changer.  Ask for Tommy - he was amazing.  I would go back as much as I can afford to!"

"Aaron A was great! I don't find many LMTs that I feel really take the time to listen to me and my body but I felt Aaron really tailored the massage to my needs. He even took a few minutes after to discuss some stretches for my tighter areas."

"I have been going to Massage Williamsburg for just over a year. I cannot recommend Tanya highly enough. (If fact I introduced my incredibly particular mother to Tanya and we've been sharing her as a masseuse ever since.) Tanya's massages are equal parts amazing stretches and "just deep enough" kneading. She genuinely cares about your concerns and will not do anything that isn't safe--like massage your feet if you've had a baby recently. Plus: she shares stretches with you after the massage that you can do at home. Not only to I enjoy the before and after, the anticipation of a luxurious massage makes the whole week fly by!"

"I was treated by a friend to a massage at Massage Williamsburg this week, my second massage EVER, and now, probably not my last. My first massage was relaxing, but that is about it. I'm a pretty tough cookie, and when I walked out of my first experience a few years ago, I decided that it wasn't worth the money. It was nice, but I didn't see the benefits lasting past that afternoon. Now I know I just didn't have the right masseuse! I saw Jali when I went in, let him know that I would rather have some deep work, and he listened! The massage was much more of an experience, I felt like something was actually being DONE to my muscles instead of just someone rubbing my back until i fell asleep. And the next day I was even sore! Not terribly sore, but satisfyingly sore. Totally recommend Massage Williamsburg (the vibe is awesome and relaxing, and the location is great) and especially recommend Jali! Thanks!"

"Visited NYC for Thanksgiving.  Had tweaked my lower back the week before, and then sat on a cross-country plane, which resulted in stiffness and pain.  Called Massage Williamsburg and asked for a 90-min massage the day before Thanksgiving.  It was the highlight of my trip -- Miles is clearly a professional and worked on my kinks and sore spots.  I rarely indulge myself with a massage, but this was the best I've ever experienced.  If I lived in New York, I would be a regular.  That said, when I come back to visit again, I am booking an appointment.  The ambiance is soothing -- highly recommend."