On loving & hating summer in NYC

New Yorkers tend to have a love-hate relationship with this city, and I'm no exception. Lately, the hot, humid days of summer have me feeling a little... over it. The other day, I took my puppy to a park and heard rats squealing and running around in the bushes the whole time. All week, the subway platforms have been oppressively hot, noisy, and crowded.  The sidewalks are streaked in pee. The mounds of garbage stink up every block (look out for the roaches!). Everything feels a little sweaty and dirty and gross.

But then I went for a walk with friends and took in this view (public art, sunset, & all). 

There were buses rumbling behind us, the kind where tourists pay money to sit on top and snap pictures and listen to someone shout into a microphone. Here I was with friends on a leisurely stroll, in my neighborhood, enjoying the breeze coming off the river and taking for granted a sight that those tourists might only see once or twice in their lifetimes.

I realized I needed to snap out of it.

Usually, for me, it's the little things that help the most. An hour-long walk with friends. My morning coffee. A still-warm everything bagel Sunday morning at the deli. Fresh flowers on the kitchen counter. Meeting someone new on a park bench. Free live music on the subway platform. Taking a break for a beach day.  Meditating or journaling (proven happiness habits!).

What helps you come back to the present moment and appreciate being alive, here and now? Let us know! And enjoy these restorative self-care ideas, too, whether you're in New York or anywhere.

Post and photo by Kelly, who seems to quite frequently advocate for long walks.