What Your Tense Spots May Say About You

Holding tension in the physical body is sadly something that society in the 21st century is guilty of (we should know, we've massaged 'em!) Learn what your tense spots may say about you, and steps you can take to alleviate them!

Tension is in forearms, wrists and fingers = You may be taking care of a new born baby or spending too much time typing on a computer.  Try doing arm and wrist rotations and flexor/extensor stretches before starting the day and take breaks from computer use.  This should help with the tension. Tension is in shoulders, upper back and neck = You may be spending too much time with incorrect ergonomics in front of a computer and also might be carrying a heavy bag or purse.  Try to engage your core while walking or sitting, doing this will help support to your back and also give you excellent posture. If you carry a purse or heavy bag, lighten your load or try a backpack to evenly distribute the strain.

Tension is in glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps = You may be walking too much on a hard surface or on concrete (in heels...), or perhaps you are running or engaged in physical activity putting too much strain on your lower extremities. Try stretching out your hamstrings and quadriceps using a foam roller after workouts and trading your super high heels for some comfy and cute ballet flats.

Tension is in knee, shins, ankles and feet = You may be wearing tight shoes, or using improper articulation while taking steps.  If you're an athlete, you may not be stretching and recovering properly.  Try finding comfortable walking shoes, using self-massage techniques on your shins, and try to stretch and use proper ergonomics while walking.

As always, try these techniques at home and get regular massages to amplify your results! Happy Holidays!