We Welcome our 9,000th Client this Week

so proudIt is with great gratitude, pride, and excitement that we announce that this week, Massage Williamsburg will greet our 9,000th new client. As a small (and growing to not so small) business owner, I think a lot about numbers and what they mean, and how we can use our those numbers and our data and feedback to improve the quality of our services. I think about a creating a consistently positive experience for our clients, and I think a lot about creating a work environment that is ideal for massage therapists. Every month I look at our numbers and I figure out how to create balance and harmony at our busy studio while fostering an influx of new clients and maintaining our integrity. There's a lot to juggle.

Throughout the years, I have always set personal goals for myself in my massage practice. When I started out, I worked with Jena  la Flamme on creating a client list with a goal of hoping to get to 50 clients. It was a dream come true to achieve that number through my practice. It required overcoming the obstacle of my shyness, as well as clarifying my intentions and gifts to myself and my clients. It required a whole lot of confidence, and the willingness to take risks and make mistakes. Throughout the years, one word, (a prayer really) has permeated my thoughts: Abundance. Let there be enough to nourish myself and those I work with. Let there be enough to create an environment that supports all of it's workers in a way that feels fair, and generous, and promotes positive growth. Let there be enough to share our gifts and give back to the community.

It has been quite a journey to get to this point! Although I can't fathom how large the number 9,000 is, I am pleased that it has given me just as much satisfaction as 50 has. We've come so far in our almost 7 years of service. I am so grateful for the community of Williamsburg, who has supported my business each and every year, and for the hardworking and talented massage therapists, receptionists, and service teams who make it happen every day. Thank you for being a part of my vision, and for making my dream of a warm, medical-based, therapeutic massage studio a reality.

I am eternally grateful.


Rachel Beider, LMT

Owner, Massage Williamsburg