Ways to De-Stress on a Budget!

wellness on a budgetWe love seeing you at Massage Williamsburg, and want you to feel the best in between your sessions! This is definitely a time where we have to make the most of our money. Here are some quick things you can do to balance yourself without breaking the bank: Sleep. Early to bed and early to rise, as the saying goes. But sleep yields more than a lift to tired eyes. Sleep helps the body regulate hormones, including cortizol, which is the hormone that controls stress levels. Try to get at least six to seven hours every night.

Exercise. Exercise is known to be a great natural way to relieve stress. The goal is to get your heart rate to around 100-120 beats per minute. This way you are getting a good workout, and slowing the pace of your thoughts at the same time! Don't have time for the gym? Do a few laps up and down the stairs of your apartment building, or try jumping rope in your living room. We love the track at McCarren Park too!

Breathe. Most people aren't aware that they are holding their breath—especially when final exams are coming around, the rent is due, the room mate is being obnoxious again, and holiday shopping isn't going as planned. Remember also to breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest. Look down at your stomach and make sure it moves in and out every time your lungs fill up and empty out..

Take a bath. Heat relaxes and soothes tired muscles. Besides, it's nice to indulge yourself every once in a while. Make it luxurious by adding bubbles, or a little lavender aromatherapy - we love local brand SkinnySkinny's Lavender Bath Salts. Turn off your cellphone, shut down the laptop, and treat yourself to a nice long sit in the tub.  A hot shower works well, too!

Friends. Having them is more than just having a support system. We all need social interaction outside of Facebook messages and funny Tweets. Go to lunch with a friend (or two), or enjoy a few hours doing something together. Here's a list of foods that reduce stress.

Take Care of Yourself and Feel Good!