Trouble Sleeping? Massage May Help

We all know that the average adult should be getting around eight hours of sleep a night. But who has time for that much sleep, right? You get up, commute to work, hit the coffeemaker to get yourself through the day, go home and sleep for what feels like a few minutes until the next morning. Wash, rinse, repeat. If this sounds like you, let this be a wake-up call. Not enough sufficient sleep—or even worse, impaired sleep patterns—could affect your daytime function, concentration, and even things like your memory and mood. Sleep helps to keep your circadian rhythm, which in turn keeps your body in equilibrium. Changing your activities or work shift from days to nights run the risk of affecting that rhythm and your sleep pattern. But don't worry! You have many options to help you restore the balance—one of them is massage.

Massage encourages the body to naturally release relaxation hormones, useful when you're having sleep issues. Massage also inhibits the stress hormone cortisol, which also could be tampering with your sleep cycle. Many doctors who treat sleep disorders recommend using essential oils  to soothe and calm your body's energy. At Massage Williamsburg we use lavender oil, a fundamental aromatherapy oil that reduces anxiety and improves mood and sleep quality. Your therapist at Massage Williamsburg can also give you some self-massage techniques that you can try before bedtime. Here's some more information on How to Use Massage to Improve Sleep