Three Biggest Workout Motivation Pitfalls to Avoid:

minimal-workout-fox-cred-thinkstockHere are some of the most common workout motivation pitfalls, and how to avoid them:

1. You forget your “why.”  “It is SO important to find and focus on the why—why getting fit and healthy is important to you. When you forget this, it’s easy to fall into old patterns and poor habits,” Jillian Michaels, of The Biggest Loser fame, says. “But when you remember and focus on that specific why—’I want to get fit so I can be healthy enough to see my daughter walk down the aisle’—then you can power through every workout, make the right choices at lunch time, and so on.”

2. You go into a slip-up tailspin.“Another thing people tend to do is get discouraged and let a slip-up derail them completely. Slip-ups happen. To all of us. Sometimes we miss a workout or eat something that isn’t exactly ideal,” she says. “But if you had a flat tire in your car, would you get out on the side of the highway and decide to puncture the other three? Of course not. And you shouldn’t do this in your quest to get fit either. If you have a slip, shake it off, move on, and just do better the next day.”

3. You let your friends drag you down. “For most of us, the people in our lives are a key motivator, very often a large part of our ‘why.’ But they can also lead us to feel pressure to eat foods that aren’t the greatest choices for us, skip workouts, and more,” Michaels explains. It’s a problem New York women feel acutely: happy hour or hot yoga? “It’s important to be direct and upfront about getting healthy,” she explains. “Tell your friends and family what you are doing and make yourself accountable. This will allow you to recruit support and encouragement from the people closest to you and it will force those that sabotage you to take a look at their own behavior in terms of diet and fitness—which is often something they should and are hoping to work on as well.” Maybe invite your BFF to spin class?