News Update: We're Closed July 24-26 For Doula Training

Preg YogaMassage Williamsburg will be closed for Doula Training the weekend of the 24th, and will re-open on Monday, July 27th. We're so excited to take part in a wonderful Doula Training program run by: The Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators

What is a Doula? A Doula is a caring and knowledgeable labor assistant, who offers continuous emotional and physical support to women in the birth process. A Doula does not replace medical care, such as a Doctor or Midwife. Her job is to assist a women before labor and delivery by answering questions, discussing concerns, developing a birth plan, and helping with the preparation for the arrival of the baby. During labor, a Doula can help by suggesting positional changes, using massage, and implementing breathing techniques and guided visualization. She's also there to answer questions about what's happening, which makes the whole process less scary.

"It's impossible to predict or control how birth and labor will go. Will you connect emotionally with your labor and delivery nurse, and will she have time for you? How will you react to the pain? Will you have a swift delivery or a long, drawn-out labor? How will your husband or partner hold up under the pressure?

Faced with these uncertainties, many women find enormous reassurance in having a doula by their side. Research has found that women who have continuous one-on-one support during labor tend to use pain medication less often, have slightly shorter labors, and are less likely to have a c-section or a forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery.  In fact, if you're serious about trying to give birth without pain medication, a doula may be your best ally." -