New Trend: Scheduled Monthly Massages

circle calendarPre-booking a monthly massage is the latest trend in wellness for businesswomen Many of our clients are incredibly successful, inspiring, and active businesswomen. Their lives are often hectic as they struggle to find a balance of work, family, and personal time. They typically have a build-up of stress that manifests itself as shoulder tension, neck stiffness, and lower back pain. Just this morning my client described: "Carrying heavy bags while commuting in high-heels" and I can tell you that it wreaks havoc on her lower back and feet. Another client is a busy lawyer, as well as a mother of two young children, and her monthly massage may be one of the few quiet times she can take the time to relax and enjoy for herself. We've noticed a growing trend of many clients pre-scheduling a regular monthly massage, so much so that we actually have bookings as far out as August! Many of our busy clients depend on it as part of their wellness routine. "I schedule my massages ahead of time," says Ilyse, a hedgefund partner. "It gives me something to look forward to."

Massage benefits include reduced overall tension, lower levels of stress, relief from muscular aches and pains, and increased circulation, improved quality of sleep, and benefits for clients struggling with anxiety and depression. Getting massages regularly also helps to prevent common office ailments like repetitive-use injuries, tension headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Rachel Beider, Massage Williamsburg's owner and a licensed massage therapist, states: "You wouldn't wait for your car to break down before you change the oil. Getting massaged regularly is good maintenance for your body."