New at Massage Williamsburg: Snake Massage

snake massaageThis month we are excited to be providing a special new service. For the first week of April only, Massage Williamsburg will be providing a limited Snake Massage treatment. So what is Snake Massage exactly? The relaxing treatment takes an hour. Approximately two to four live snakes are used per massage, depending on the reptile's size and the amount of pressure the client would like to receive.

 A licensed massage therapist will be present with each treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness. The snakes are washed with antiseptic before each massage, and their mouths are secured to ensure that no one is bitten, before being laid on the body. We are currently working with Brooklyn’s Animal Planet, who has provided us with the snakes for our services, and given us the proper training to ensure that both snakes and clients are cared for.

snake-massage10 Snake Massage is an excellent way to get a relaxing, yet enlivening experience, that is something slightly different than your typical treatment. Firstly, snakes can cover a larger area simultaneously than human hands, and their unique form of motion and scaly texture has been proven to have relieve muscle tightness. Slimmer snakes are used for lighter work, while larger serpents can penetrate a deeper portion of muscle tissue.

We are working specifically with Dolly and Sam, two friendly Boa Constrictors, a Ball Python named George, as well as a variety of king and milk snakes. Again, this is a limited time opportunity as the reptiles must be returned to Animal Planet by the end of the week!