My Favorite Modern Music for Massage

Have you ever gotten a massage with really boring or just plain awful music? I like to massage my clients while listening to music that I love and that they appreciate. In that spirit, I am offering up my most recent favorite music, with bands that make for some awesome and relaxing, modern music.

1. Beach House: "Real Love", from the album Teen Dream. This is such a pretty song, with amazing piano and nice vocals.

2. The Black Atlantic: "Reverence for Fallen Trees" from the album of the same name. This entire album is perfect for modern, slow and relaxing music. I love it!

3. Solden: "A Little Grey" from the album When The Night Falls. A perfect lullaby - also check out "I'll Never Leave" on the same album.

4. Dustin O' Halloran: "Opus 37". Sincerely moving piano solos. Listen to the entire album, Piano Solos Vol. 2. A favorite with clients and therapists.

5. Bonnie "Prince" Billy: "Love Comes to Me" from the album The Letting Go. Softly sung and and totally understated, quiet beats.

6. Bon Iver: "Beach Baby" from the album Blood Bank. I know, everyone loves "Skinny Love" but give "Beach Baby" a play for the sweet guitar and mournful vocals.

7. Azure Ray: "Across the Ocean", from the album Hold On Love. Not a new record, but super slow paced and perfect for a massage.

8. Foreign Slippers: "I Wish I Was a Fisherman" from the  Oh Death EP. Her voice is stunning!

9. Feist: "Lover's Spit" is a really fantastic cover of Broken Social Scene. A simply beautiful song.

10. Peter Broderick: "Floating/Sinking" from the album Float. Another entire album perfect for massage - delicate and full of dramatic vignettes - no lyrics just music.