Meet: Rachel Beider, LMT and Proud Owner of Massage Williamsburg

Rachel Beider, LMT, Doula Rachel Beider is the proud owner of Massage Williamsburg, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Professional Doula. She first studied massage in Thailand on a trip through India and Southeast Asia, becoming certified in Thai Massage at the WatPo Thai Medical Massage School.

Later she continued her education at the Swedish Institute of Health and Sciences, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has worked as a massage therapist for Jena Wellness, for Dr. Donald Roland - an UES Surgeon, at North 7th Medical Center helping physical therapy patients, and at Destination Maternity's Edamame's Spa, before opening Massage Williamsburg in 2008. She has also taught Anatomy to Yoga Students at a studio in Williamsburg.

Rachel started the small business with the hopes of combining a medical based massage practice with the relaxing environment of a healing space. Her motto is "Delicious Pain, Not Scary Pain".  She has continued her education, becoming certified in Prenatal Massage, and most recently has taken the ALACE training to become a Professional Doula. Rachel's favorite part about being a Massage Therapist? "I get to be the best part of my client's day, every day".