Meet Leah, LMT at Massage Williamsburg

Leah Nelson, LMT at Massage Williamsburg Leah is a Licensed Massage Therapist at Massage Williamsburg. She is a Swedish Institute graduate and contemporary modern dancer. She believes in the body's ability to heal and the idea that no one should have to walk around in pain. Drawing from her ever-expanding knowledge of bodywork therapies, she creates specific sessions to relieve pain and to provide physical restoration and stress relief. Her primary practice includes Trigger Point Therapy and deep tissue work, incorporating stretches, joint mobilizations, and acupressure to help the body heal itself of chronic and acute pain. She also specializes in neck and shoulder pain management caused by whiplash or overuse, so her work has been especially beneficial for those working on a computer all day.

"Although I do take on clients for just one session, I like to create a relationship and strategy with a client, anchoring the long-term healing benefits of receiving accumulative bodywork sessions. My additional skills and professional experience include Reflexology, Sports massage, and Polarity Therapy (an energy practice)."