Massage Williamsburg Field Trip: Spa Castle

Spa Castle in Queens After a very busy week, the Massage Williamsburg staff recently took the day off to explore Spa Castle! We love field trips! Spa Castle is in College Point, Queens, and has 4 floors of treatments and rooms centered around traditional saunas and water therapy.

Here's what we found:

Clean, luxurious facilities with warm pools and hot tubs, cold and cool pools, a variety of steam rooms and saunas, as well as amenities such as nap areas with heated flooring, infrared light chairs, and aromatherapy.

We loved the variety of jets which are activated by the touch of a button, and the room designated as "Iceland" with a temperature of 40 Degrees, to cool off between saunas.

We enjoyed healthy snacks on the 2nd level, including a huge fresh fruit and salad bar, soups and pasta, and even a Starbucks! The place is truly huge!

It was a very relaxing way to spend the day, and we'll definitely be back!

Have suggestions on how we should spend our next field day trip? Let us know!