Making the Most of Your Massage: Questions To Ask

If you've been reading our blog for a while (many thanks!) you know the questions that massage therapists often ask their clients. But what kind of questions should you ask when you come in for a session?

What can I do to maximize the benefits of my massage?

Have you ever had a fantastic massage session only to have pain come back in a few days? Part of the problem is formed habits: After we walk outside, our shoulders go up to our ears. We carry really heavy bags on one shoulder. We cram our feet into uncomfortable shoes. We hunch forward and hold our wrists at a strange angle to type out our daily emails. The most amazing thing about chronic pain is how simple it is to avoid in its early stages. Ask your therapist this question and don't be afraid to give their advice a try!

What are some good exercises to try between sessions?

There's a lot we can do between massages to increase and lengthen the results of your sessions. Engage your massage therapist concerning movements (or maybe even postural changes) that you can try out at home or the gym. As Swedish Institute graduates, we were taught a lot about what exercises can help target specific muscle groups to have the greatest impact.

What products do you use in your practice?

Some spas or practices use products containing harsh chemicals or preservatives, such as parabens. If you have sensitive skin or any allergies, it's important to ask your massage therapists what kind of products they use.  We stick to Sweet Almond Oil with Organic Lavender, or simple and moisturizing Grapeseed Oil for our sessions.

I would like to become more healthy. Is there any treatment we could try to help me with this goal?

Whether you are trying to become more healthy, flexible, or energetic, your massage therapist can assist you in reaching your goals. Massage therapists are trained in various exercises, stretches, and techniques that won't just change the way you feel but the way you look at movement and your body.

I would like to try some complimentary therapies. Do you know of anyone in the area?

A good massage therapist is well connected in their local community! Massage Williamsburg recommends specific acupuncturists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, and even chiropractors. Just have a conversation with your therapist about what you would like to do, and he or she will send you in the right direction.