Make Your Own Lavender Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are great for alleviating congestion, headaches, and stress.  They can be heated and used as a hot compress (great for those tense shoulders) or cooled to soothe tired eyes. Yogi's like to use them during their practice during shavasana, and also for meditation.  Here at Massage Williamsburg we treat our clients to luxurious lavender eye pillows to make each session even more relaxing.  To enjoy this luxury at home you will need:
1 small pillow case or material of your choice
1 sewing kit
A package of flax seeds
dried lavender
dried chamomile
Lavender essential oil
First in a large bowl mix the flax seeds, lavender and chamomile.  Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to he bowl and with a spoon mix the seeds until they're all evenly coated.
Simply fill your pillow case with the mixture and with your sewing kit stitch the top tightly together.