In The Neighborhood: Unnata Aerial Yoga

Rachel Beider at Unnata Aerial Yoga We've never experienced yoga quite like this before!

On Bedford Ave, between N3rd and N4th Streets, is Unnata Aerial Yoga, created by professional aerialist and certified yoga teacher Michelle Dortignac.

In Aerial Yoga the classes use soft silky fabric suspended from the ceiling, like a hammock.  This makes the stretches deeper, and some poses much more easily achievable, all while hanging in a fun, suspended state. Hanging helps relieve some of the back and neck pressure and tension that traditional poses may cause.

As I am always trying to keep an awareness of my body and where it is in space, I must admit that I was a little scared and hesitant to try some of the poses, especially ones that involved flipping upside down! Michelle gently guided me into the right form, and helped ease my fears about moving my body effectively and correctly into the poses. It was really liberating to feel how each pose affected my body and stretches, all while totally suspended! I will definitely be back for another class!