In the Neighborhood: Gretchen Sampsen, Acupuncturist

AcupunctureGretchen Sampsen, local Acupuncturist,  received her degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, NY. But before that she found herself abroad—which is where she discovered the benefits of the acupuncture modality. Later on, she went back to study her craft under Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, one of the most respected acupuncturists in Beijing! In her practice, Gretchen focuses on examination of the tongue and the pulse in order to treat our bodies' imbalances.

Gretchen Sampsen, Licensed Acupuncturist

We love Gretchen's style, which is very gentle, relaxing and effective. She treats a series of conditions ranging from headaches, respiratory conditions, women's health and auto-immune disorders. She's also an expert in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She has two outlets for her practice: One in the city, and one right here in Williamsburg! To schedule an appointment, email Gretchen at For more information about acupuncture in Brooklyn, visit her online at