How Massage Helps Heal Scar Tissue

An injury, if bad enough, can sideline you for months, making even your daily routine difficult. Luckily our bodies are designed to heal themselves over time. One of the big worries for many, however, concerns scar tissue. These are the two words everyone dreads, from the professional athlete to the office worker. But why is scar tissue such a problem? Can massage help? First, it's important to know what scar tissue really is. Imagine each of your muscles as a tapestry, with all of the fabric going in one direction. When you are injured, collagen fibers go to the site of injury to repair the muscle. But  fibers can go in all different directions causing the wound to heal with scar tissue. Muscles with scar tissue can lose mobility, decreasing your flexibility and range of motion dramatically.

So how can massage address scar tissue? Massage strokes, like friction, act to break up scar tissue and adhesions (knots) that may form as a result of the healing process. Gliding strokes along the length of the muscle  encourage the collagen fibers to go in the direction of the muscle, so you can heal better, faster!

Massage therapy also increases circulation to areas of injury, bringing fresh blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to help speed the process. Your therapist may also use gentle stretches to help increase the range of motion of an area after an injury.

At Massage Williamsburg, and any reputable therapeutic massage clinic, you'll fill out a health intake form upon arrival, and your therapist will review it with you. At this time, you should discuss the nature of your injury, your recovery process and plan, as well as any concerns that you may have. Our massage therapists are caring, friendly and knowledgeable, and can help you heal from your injury faster, and with less pain.