How Massage Helped Me Recover from Bronchitis:

"I recently experienced  a serious case of Bronchitis while traveling to Arkansas for the Holidays.
Flying, eating heavy Southern foods and sleeping in my sweet little nephew's  bed left me vulnerable to the virus.  After more than two weeks of severe coughing and taking codeine cough syrup, my body was sore and sluggish. I was very happy to return home to Brooklyn, ready to sleep in my own bed and eager to make healthier food choices. My cough was easing up but my diaphragm was still very sore. I booked a session with Amey at Massage WIlliamsburg for a 90 minute massage. Before the session we discussed exactly what I had been experiencing with my dry hacking cough.  She suggested more of a Swedish session, rather than Deep Tissue, to promote circulation and relaxation in order soothe my sore muscles, boost my immune system and detoxify my lymphatic system.
She spent a good half hour around my chest and ribs. At the end of the session she asked me to inhale a special blend oils specifically designed for respiratory health. It smelled of ginger, lemon and rosemary. After the session my body and mind felt as if something had been lifted. Receiving massage was also a way to offer gratitute to my body for doing a great job fighting off the virus. I felt physically and emotionally ready to let go of my virus and make my way into 2014 feeling positive and  healthy.  She recommended receiving massage every two weeks as preventative care. That was a great session. I will definitely be back in two weeks.  Thank you, Amey!"
- Ellen Borengasser


More evidence on massage as Preventative care-


lemon_tree_by_cyjanekpotasu-d507kahThrough the end of January, come in for a massage session and receive our special blend of ginger, lemon and rosemary added to your session, free of charge.
We love the warming quality of ginger, the clarifying and refreshing notes of lemon and the stimulating antiseptic qualities of rosemary!  Before your session you will have the opportunity to talk to your therapist about how your massage session can help manage the end of your cold or flu!