Happy Valentines Day! We Feel Loved!

I'd like to take a moment to thank our awesome clients for making us feel so loved! Here is some recent feedback that we've received: "I got a truly terrific massage here.  I felt so very much better.  I was able to sleep through the night and stay for a full workout at the gym the next day - the first for too long.. Your body and your soul will thank you."

"Excellent! Love this place, its always one hour of vacation. Very clean space and nice therapists."

"I'm a bike courier, and ride everyday with a bag on my back. A massage was long overdue, and I decided to go to Massage Williamsburg. Came out feeling like a new person, and will definitely be going back. Thanks!"

"Just this week had a massage and it was BEST EVER! I am at 33 weeks and my lower back has been killing me. From the moment I walked through the door my therapist made me feel at ease. We did a full body session that was both therapeutic and relaxing. I have even slept better the past few nights since the massage, better than I had slept in months! My husband had a session here a few weeks ago and he likes very deep tissue work. He said she intuitively find his trigger points and the massage was tailored to specifically address his problem areas. We both give Massage Williamsburg five stars."

"AMAZING :) I am used to spending almost double in the city for this kind of massage. I was there today and was greeted by a sweet and knowledgeable therapist. The massage was perfect, she targeted my main concerns which were my neck and shoulder area, I suffer from severe anxiety and have wacky nerves ... I feel brand new!! Can't wait to see her again next month for another magnificent massage!"