FAQ: How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Massage FrequencyWe get asked this question very frequently, and the answer depends on several factors, including the seriousness of your pain or condition, your schedule, and of course your budget. One of my favorite parts of working at Massage Williamsburg is trading! (This week alone, 6 of our therapists traded massage sessions with each other!) As we do a lot of physical work, it's important for us to get massages as often as our schedule allows.

In a perfectly healthy individual with very little pain and only regular day to day stress, once a month may be a lovely treat and act as a tune-up to stay in touch with your body. For anyone experiencing chronic pain and tension (that nagging spot in your shoulder, the constantly stiff neck or sore lower back), weekly or twice monthly massages may be a better schedule to keep your body feeling good. The majority of our clients come in for massage twice a month, to save a little money, though we do see quite a few weekly clients.

Back Pain in PregnancyMost of our pregnant clients come every week, and sometimes twice in one week as part of their wellness plan, as well as to de-stress and for overall drug-free pain management.  Many athletes and clients participating in marathons also come in weekly as preventative care. If we are working on a specific condition or injury, such as whiplash, clients may feel the need to come in more frequently at first and change to a monthly schedule  later on as they improve.

To help cut down the costs of regular massages, we offer Packages of 5 or 10 Sessions. Contact us for more information about packages.