FAQ: Can Massage Help My Headache?

Whether it's right between your temples or behind your head, headaches are unwelcome guests in our lives. A key to solving the mystery of why you're having headaches in the first place, is to think about what time of day they start to happen.headache 1

In the morning? When clients complain of headaches first thing in the morning, I always ask, "How's Your Pillow"? It's amazing how many people wake up with neck tension and a headache because of a poor pillow. Make sure you're using one with a lot of support in whatever position you lay in. Also, might you be clenching your teeth while you sleep? Teeth clenching or grinding creates tension and strain for muscles in your head, neck, and jaw that could cause major headaches—all while wearing away your pearly whites! If you suspect that this may be the case, speak to your dentist about a night guard to protect your sensitive jaw muscles and teeth. Can Massage Help these kinds of headaches? Absolutely! Using trigger point therapy, your therapist will address the tension in your neck, shoulders, and jaw to help relieve and prevent these types of headaches.

What if your headache starts in the midday? Things like stress, sugar intake, hunger from inconsistent eating habits, and your posture could also give you that nagging pain between your ears. Try to have small, health-conscious snacks throughout your day at the office: Nuts and fruit are good alternatives to sugary selections like cookies and chips. Be sure you're staying hydrated with enough water during the day. Also adjust your chair so your upper leg is parallel to the floor and straighten up your headache 2slouching back with an extra seat cushion. Can Massage Help this afternoon headache? While your session can treat the tension and pain that occur from posture and computer use, helping your body by eating properly and using ergonomics at the office will go a long way!

For Headaches in the Evening: For Rachel Hyer, a wedding and portrait photographer in Charleston SC, the threat of headache is more common at night. This could be muscle tension due to stress. Of course, daily tension computer usage and all that photo retouching can increase the odds of a throbbing headache. Limit your activities in the evening. Now is a great time to rest and recouperate. Often clients come in with headaches from lack of sleep.  So, can massage help with my evening headaches? Definitely! Since massage affects actual muscle integrity and metabolism, going to see your therapist can improve the odds against pain, especially that which is related to work stress and everyday computer use. We're also a fan of using hot towels during our session to soothe muscles which may be contributing to your headache, as well as aromatherapy oils which can help speed away pain.

Regardless of when your headaches occur, therapeutic massage can make a big difference in addressing the pain, and preventing it from happening in the future. For more information on Headache Remedies, here's an article from Scientific American.