FAQ: Can Massage Complement Acupuncture Treatments?

According to The Beijing Journal of Acupuncture and Tui Na Science, acupuncturists often use techniques you see in Western-style massage such as effleurage, and pressing strokes to examine the body's responses to movement on the meridians. The meridians are the series of points on the body that your acupuncturist applies their treatment, usually in the form of needles. Acupuncturists also use massage techniques to locate these points. While acupuncture may treat specific conditions, such as allergies or a cold, massage therapy can treat circulatory and muscular issues which conditions tend to stress.
Receiving massage therapy in addition to acupuncture can actually maximize the benefits of that session. All New York state massage therapists are trained to identify acupuncture points and meridians, also used in Shiatsu. With this training they can use their own bodywork style to go hand in hand with your acupuncturist's treatment plan.
Margaret Hallisey is one of our awesome community acupuncturists here in Williamsburg. Contact her at margarethallisey@yahoo.com for how to achieve wellness using both acupuncture and massage therapy!