Eco Friendly Tools for Fall

By this time we’re all feeling the distinctive fall chill in the air as we leave for work in the morning.  With the drop in heat and humidity, we find ourselves reaching for sweaters, soup, and...kleenex!  Each fall seems to bring with it a bout of colds, flus, or just plain icky bugs.  We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite eco- and body-friendly alternatives to the standard packs of tissue, harsh cough medicines, and other drugstore standbys.

Eco Fabulous Fashions

Stay warm and dry this fall with cute, affordable and eco-friendly clothing. Rachel is a huge fan of the independent designer line Adventures of Jessica Rose who make adorable gloves, capes, scarves and hats using natural materials like organic cotton.

All Natural Hand Sanitizer

You’ve probably already seen this in the check-out aisle at Whole Foods, but Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizers are the bar to beat when it comes to alcohol-free, naturally formulated, but effective hand sanitizers.  Made from a blend of essential oils that kill 99.9% of germs, the formula is also completely biodegradable.  Good for you, good for us all.

Kleenex Alternatives

There are fancier ones out there (try searching etsy for creative ones!), but these organic cotton flannel hankies are simple, soft, and do the trick when your nose starts running.  Besides reducing paper waste, many people find them to be softer on the nose, which can be a blessing when you are blowing your nose every five minutes!

Immunity-Boosting Conconctions

We like this so much we keep a constant supply on hand at Massage Williamsburg!  Emergen-C packets are vitamin C supplements dissolved in water that supply 1,000 mg of vitamin C.  Taken at the first sign of illness, or during immuno-compromised periods (like during travel), this fizzy drink can help keep you going or help you bounce back quickly from a cold.

Another great immune-booster is hot tea.  One of Rachel’s favorite teas, Yogi Teas, supplied us with a sampler pack for our clients, including Echinacea Immune Support.  Pick up a sample after your next massage!  When you already have a cold and need to get your cough under control, try an herbal tea like Breathe Deep.

Be ready for the sneezes, sniffles and coughs that come with the beautiful fall weather and try some of these eco-friendly alternatives this season!