Best Portable and Quick Workout: Therabands

We absolutely love our therabands, and frequently suggest them for clients to use for great stretching and strengthening. Here are some exercises and stretches that take only a few minutes a day.

Arms and Shoulders

theraband ex 2

Did you know that you use different muscles to move your arm depending on where your arms are going? For example, lift your arm straight out from your side. The muscle Supraspinatus (on top of your shoulder bone) lifts your arm the first 20 degrees of motion, and after that your Deltoid muscle (directly on the outside of your shoulder) takes it the rest of the way. Neat, right? Take your theraband and stand on it, holding it with one hand. Lift your arm straight out the first 20 degrees and pause, then pause again at 50 degrees—working out your Latissimus Dorsi, or your “lats”--and finally take your arm to its full height and tone those Deltoids. Do this about ten times. Congratulate yourself for a great job!

Abs and Legs

Take a mat and lay face up on the floor. Straighten one leg and loop the theraband around that foot, taking the band with both hands. Ready? Take the the leg up slowly, and pull the band when you lower it back down to the mat. Do this about ten times on each leg. If you feel comfortable, start lifting your head off the mat just enough so you can look down at your leg. You may feel a burning sensation in your stomach—that's rectus abdominus, the one muscle we all want to give a good workout! Repeat the same steps with the other leg and relax.