Are Massages Worth the Money?

Are Massages Worth the Money?The economic climate has changed, and everyone is feeling the pinch. From the construction worker to the CEO, we've all had to cut back. Luxuries are the first to go—but wait. All the experts agree that massage is good for you. It's true: Massage therapy improves circulation, relieves pain and tension and promotes muscle integrity. But our wallets don't lie either. Bodywork, especially massage, can be very expensive. Is it really worth that much? The real answer to that is whether or not massage is truly a necessity. We've all heard that by cutting back on our bottled water and our fancy coffee intake, we can save a ton of money, which is true. But are your massage therapist's services worth foregoing your daily soy caramel latte?

Think about the experience of getting a massage. In many healing-focused bodywork institutions, your therapist gives you a detailed consultation and will often follow up the session with helpful suggestions for your diet and lifestyle. Good massage therapists are focused on the elimination of stress, pain, and discomfort that lasts long after you've left the treatment room. Massage therapists are also a good resource about general health concerns and if they can't help you, they know someone who can.

We can all agree on one thing when it comes to massage therapy: Massage is a good weapon in the fight against pain and stress. It may be pricey, but our bodies are the only things we really cannot afford to ignore. “You don't wait until the car is broken down to change the oil,” says our very own Rachel Beider. And you shouldn't wait. Take advantage of the wonderful preventive care that your therapist can provide for you. A nagging pain in your back now can make for a sore wallet further down the road.