6 Ways to Avoid Illness this Winter

As February approaches and snow hits the ground, some of us New Yorkers have been greeting that an oh-so familiar chill in the air.  Its time to start taking precautions in order to avoid getting sick this season.  Here's a great list that's sure to help you stay strong all winter long!

1. Wash your hands!  Keep a pocket sanitizer in your bag with you for those subway trips, stair and escalator railings, and handshakes. 2. Get tons of vitamin C.  Eat lots of citrus and ginger this winter. 3. Drink plenty of water. Remember that coffee is a diuretic and doesn't count! 4. Exercise and maintain a healthy diet.  Exercise helps to circulate the body's fluids and upkeep your immune system. 5. Try a neti pot.  Mix 1% dilution of tea tree and rosemary essential oil  to clear congested sinuses. 6. Sleep!  Your body needs rest in order to function orderly.  So take it easy, don't stress yourself out and rest, rest, rest this coming season!