5 Massage Gadgets We Love!

Every year we suggest these products to our clients, which we love and find the most effective:

1. The Theracane

The Theracane

The Theracane looks like a walking stick with knobs, which may seem weird if it wasn't for what its shape allows it to do for chronic pain sufferers. TheTheracane's design is perfect for reaching spots on your back you can't get to with your own hands. The special knobs break up adhesions , apply pressure to trigger points, and ease tense muscles. It's lightweight so you can take it anywhere. We keep one at the office to use on ourselves!

2. Athletic BallsTennis Balls

No, it's not a patented product. It's not something you find in Brookstone. It's just regular athletic balls - like a tennis ball, squash ball or even golf ball. Place a couple tennis balls in a sock, tying the end tightly, and try laying on the floor for a few minutes with the balls under your neck. Roll a hard golf ball under the soles of your tired feet at the end of the day, or place a ball perched between your spine and shoulder bone to apply pressure to a tight shoulder. These rubber balls can be found, well, anywhere! Check out your local dollar store or toy shop.

3. Therapeutic Heatneck warmer

Whether you prefer a heating pad, hot water bottle, or microwavable neck pillow, applying some heat to tense and sore muscles can feel really amazing. Rachel is a big fan of making your own! Here's an article on How To Make an Aromatherapy Neck Warmer.

4. Foam Rollers

You may have seen these at the gym or physical therapists office, and we can't recommend them White Foam Rollerenough! Using foam rollers to loosen up tight muscles is common knowledge for personal trainers and professional athletes. But you can benefit from this trade secret too, and give yourself a great leg massage. Place the roller on the floor, laying your upper legs across. Simply put all your weight on your hands and roll it back and forth under you.

Now turn on your side and do the same, rolling the foam on the side of each leg, to target your ITBand. Use it on the backs of your legs for Hamstrings.

5. Davinci Tool Davinci Tool 2

The Davinci Tool Soft Trigger Point Occipital Neck Massager helps to relieve headache pain and soothe tired, sore muscles. It can relieve stress, muscle spasms, trigger points and improve posture. It is used by placing the it under the top of the neck and base of the skull. Lie back and relax. Adjust the position of the tool until effective. Davinci Tool 1

Let the tool do the work for you. Each side of the DaVinci Tool has a different application, and can be turned to find which is most effective for addressing your tension.