3 Massage Benefits You Can Feel Great About!

Instagram via @biggestyogaclass Getting a massage may seem like a leisure activity to some, yet others, such as athletes and dancers, see it as a necessary means of survival. Regardless, there are many benefits to massage that we don’t often consider.  As winter drags on, and your muscles are tensing up as a natural response to frigid weather, the points below will give you even more of a reason to book your next appointment with Massage Williamsburg.

Massage Eases Anxiety

In the winter, just getting to work can be stressful.  But fear not! Massage has been shown lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, by 50%. Our schedules usually pick up even more after the new year, so all the more reason to stress and overwork ourselves. Suppressing cortisol release through massage is a great way to calm nerves and breathe easy during stressful times.

Massage Boosts our Immune System

Apparently massage increases the amount of killer T cells in the body, which are shown to fight viruses and tumors. According to USA Today, a recent study on premature babies showed that those who received massage therapy gained weight faster due to more active killer T cells. Studies have also shown that massage has enhanced immunity in breast cancer patients.

Massage Eases Hypertension

Chronic Hypertension, or high blood pressure, leads to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.  According to University of Maryland Medical Center, a study showed that those who received massages had lower blood pressure and stress producing hormones (like cortisol). This means that those with both high blood pressure and stress can especially benefit from massage therapy.

Next time you book a massage with Massage Williamsburg, remember that you are not only partaking in something that feels wonderful, but taking a bold step for your health as well.

By Olivia Saperstein, for the Massage Williamsburg Wellness Blog