Turn Your Apartment into a Peaceful Sanctuary

Don't you ever wish you could pack up your favorite spa and take it home with you?  Well, here are some ways to turn your home into your own private oasis! De-clutterize your space. Containers and space savers work wonders for a home no matter how small. Try to put like things together so if you need them, you know where to find them. And remember, almost anything could be a potential space saver. Those mugs and bowls you never use? Turn those into pen holders and “runway catchers” to organize keys, mail, and more!

Use color.

Color is a very scary decorating concept for some. It's easy to stick with white, it matches everything! But try to add some relaxing pictures on those walls: Ones with landscapes work great. And if you do use color go with soft greens and blues for the bedroom and creamy browns and eggshell shades for the living room. Those hues bring instant calm to any space.

Don't forget texture.

Texture is where you really get to play! Hang bamboo weavings on the walls. Get furniture with unfinished or rustic wood. Shoji screens are great for dividing a space and adding some beautiful texture to a room.

Let there be light!

Lights are a fun solution for brightening up your home. It can also totally change the dimensions of your space. Recessed lighting placed high on the walls take the eyes up, making your ceilings seem taller. Table lamps bring the eyes back down, making the room more cozy and intimate. Use LED lighting and dimmer switches to reduce your carbon footprint—and your energy bill!

Bring the outside in.

Plants are a wonderful way to introduce some zen into your home. Try putting some tall plants in corners of your space. And for the more “botanically-challenged”, succulents and cacti are easy plants to care for. For the bathroom, place ocean rocks and pebbles around the sink.

Whether you're just meditating on your day or having a few friends over, your space can be ideal for relaxation! Play around with these ideas to really bring your relaxing spa experience into your home.

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